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Welcome to GALAK

GALAK Chromatography Technology Co, Ltd is an high-tech manufacture for liquid chromatography products. With three top PhD research teams, GALAK has rich experience on biochemical isolation and purification for both labs and factories.

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liquid chromatography technology

GALAK is all in the areas of liquid chromatography for over 10 years. We helped over 50 labs and factories to develop their own technologies in biochemical areas. We hope to be your strong technical support for your success.

— Dr. Muning

Chief Technical Officer

Main Products

peptides purification liquid chromatography packing material

    C18 Packing Material

  • 3/5/8/10 μm

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lactoferrin purification for liquid chromatography

    Protein A HPLC Resin

  • Agarose / PSDVB

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peptides purification of liquid chromatography

    Ion-exchange Resin

  • Cation / Anion

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resin for liquid chromatography

    Chiral Column

  • Chiral Separation

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absolut A for Mab analysis

    Protein A Column

  • Agarose / PSDVB

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Preparative HPLC column

    Prepacked Column

  • Analysis / Preparative

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chromatography column packing system

    Column Packing

  • Analysis / Preparative

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    Purification Machine

  • Device / System

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