GLK-gel Benzamidine Affinity Resin

GLK-gel Benzamidine Affinity Media is used for serine protease purification, agarose microspheres combine with the broad-spectrum inhibitor of a serine protease (p - aminophenyl methyl ether).

packing material for HPLC column

Product Parameter

 Benzamidine 4FF-HSBenzamidine 6FF
Substrate4% cross-linked agarose6% agarose
LigandPara amphenamidinePara amphenamidine
Particle Size90µm (45-165µm)
Capacity 35mg trypsin /ml13mg trypsin/ml
pH Stability1-9 (Short)   2-8 (Long)
Max. Pressure0.3MPa0.02MPa
Flow Rate300cm/h300cm/h
Storage4-8 °C, 0.05M acetate buffer, 20% EtOH , pH4.0

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