Ion-exchange Porous Polymer Resin

Bettsep® ion-exchange porous polymer resin designed for the purification of biological macromolecules. The substrate of Bettsep® is monodisperse polymer microspheres. Compared with dextran, agarose, and cellulose, polymer microspheres have advantages of high mechanical strength and excellent pressure resistance. 1000Å pore diameter ensures the free entry and exit of biomacromolecules. With GLK® unique surface coating technologies, the hydrophilic surface of microsphere substrates ensures high biological compatibility. And the monodisperse particle size effectively reduced the barrier of column pressure and mass transfer.

  • For the capture of biological macromolecules, and the purification of the middle process.
  • High production efficiency
  • High flow rate, high loading capacity, high purification efficiency.
  • Excellent chemical stability, alkali cleaning conditions, long lifetime.
GALAK C18 packing material hplc


SubstrateRigid, monodisperse porous polymer microspheres
Particle Size30um, 70um70um
Dynamic CapacityLysozyme≥130mg/mlBSA≥130 mg /mlLysozyme≥80mg/mlBSA≥90mg/ml
pH Range2-12
Clean-in-Place1M NaOH, 3-5 CV
Storage20% EtOH/water, 2-8℃

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