Protein A Affinity Resin

Sepromax® A40 Plus

Protein A affinity resin Sepromax® A40 plus designed for the isolation and purification of monoclonal antibodies. Compared with traditional agarose media, Sepromax® A40 plus has the advantages of high dynamic binding capacity (DBC), long service life, and less shedding of the ligand. 0.1-0.5M NaOH can use for clean-in-Place (CIP).

Sepromax® A40 plus is recombinant protein A (rProtein A) immobilized on the surface of the macro-porous PS/DVB microsphere substrate. rProtein A has better alkali-resisting that ensures excellent stability in high pH conditions. With GLK® hydrophilic treatment and binding technology, PS/DVB surface removes non-specific binding with the right combination of rProtein A ligand. Hence, Sepromax® A40 plus is extremely useful for isolating monoclonal antibodies.

  • High rigidity monodisperse matrix, low back pressure, suitable for large-scale downstream processing
  • Outstanding high dynamic binding capacity at low residence time reduces process time and the amount of medium used
  • Novel Protein A ligand allows the use of 0.1-0.5 M NaOH for CIP
  • Low ligand leakage ensures a long lifetime
  • High price-performance ratio

Main Characteristics

Support MatrixRigid, porous, mono-dispersed PS-DVB particles
Particle Size40 μm
Dynamic Binding Capacity (max)60 mg human IgG/mL (10% Penetrating Frontier Analysis)
Recommended Working Flow Rate300 – 700 cm/h
Maximum Operating Pressure1500 psi (100 bar or 10 MPa)
PH Stability2 – 10 (long term) 2-13 (CIP)
Cleaning Agent0.1-0.5 M NaOH
Storage20% Ethanol/water at 2 – 8℃

Performance Testing

1. Particle images

Protein A Affinity Resin sepromax A40
sepromax A40 image

2. Dynamic Binding Capacity (DBC)

Test Condition
SystemAKTA® Purifier10
Initial Buffer20 mM PB,0.15 M NaCl,pH 7.4
Elution Buffer0.1 M Gly-HCl,pH 2.5
CIP solution0.5 M NaOH
Sample1.0 mg/ml hIgG

3. Protein A Ligand Leakage Test (ELISA)

Samples: 20mg hlgG/ml-resin, 9mg mAb/ml-resin

ELISA test: Cygnus F400 kit

Protein A Affinity Resin testing
ELISA test for Protein A Affinity Resin sepromax A40

4. Competitive tests of competitive product

A40+对比曲线 (1)
A40+流速与压强 (1)

Protein A Affinity Resin Application

1.Fc Protein

A40+-Fc-protein (1)

2.Monoclonal Antibody

A40+单抗纯化 (1)

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