Reversed-phase Chromatography

Reversed-phase chromatography is the most commonly used liquid chromatography techniques. Reversed-phase chromatography packing materials include C18, C8, and C4. The most widely used resin is C18. GALAK Chromatography provides different particle size, like 5μm, 8μm, 10μm,15μm, with pressure resistance particles. Combine with unique chemical bonding and end-capping technologies, GALAK reversed-phase resins are more competitive than other products.

Best sell product, Sepromax®, has proprietary intellectual property rights. With the top bonding technical, Sepromax® has the advantages of alkali resistance, separation effect and longer lifetime. The repeatable packing circle is over 20 with little fragments for Sepromax® which significantly reduces user cost.

GALAK Chromatography also provides different specifications for prepacked HPLC columns with excellent packing technology and high-efficient HPLC column packing system. We customize the columns according to the customer’s requests.

liquid chromatography column
GALAK preparative reversed phase hplc column

Analysis Types

  • C18 Series
  • C8 Series
  • C4Bio Series
  • C8Bio Series
  • Amino Acid Series

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Preparative Types

  • C18 Series
  • C8 Series
  • C4Bio Series
  • Customized Column
  • Support Equipment

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GALAK Advantages

Galaksil® is the packing material of Reversed-phase Chromatography (RPC) which uses for peptides isolation and purification.

Galaksil® is a long carbon chain C18/C8 bound with the spherical silica-gel substrate which has low metal-ion content (<20 ppm), high specific surface area and good mechanical strength. With GALAK unique chemical bonding technique, Galaksil® has excellent stability of bonding and end-capping. Hence, Galaksil® is the preferred packing material for industrial isolation.

  • Uniform particle size, High column efficiency, High resolution
  • Low poriness, no fragments in repeated packing processes
  • Excellent C18 bonding and end-capping technologies
  • Alkali resistance, easy for CIP operation
C18 packing material substrate
GALAK C18 packing material hplc

HPLC Column Performance Testing

Quality Guarantee

  • High-quality packing materials with repacked tests over 20 times
  • Patent resin packing equipment and methods, over 10 years packing experience in liquid chromatography
  • Column efficiency test for each chromatography column


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